The Rise of Marine Mammals: 50 Million Years of Evolution

von Berta, Annalisa
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Berta, Annalisa The Rise of Marine Mammals: 50 Million Years of Evolution
Berta, Annalisa - The Rise of Marine Mammals: 50 Million Years of Evolution

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9781421423258LangtextA compelling look at the evolutionary history of marine mammals over the past 50 million years.
9781421422947LangtextThrilling underwater photographs enrich this unique guide to the shallow-water sharks of Florida and the Bahamas.
9781421424286LangtextAre alien civilizations really possible?
9781421423470LangtextThe shocking true story of a diamond theft gone wrong.
9781421423388LangtextThe essential guide for anyone who suffers from food allergies.
9781421423999LangtextThe definitive study on the history, meaning, art, and commerce of Amish quilts.
9781421422879LangtextHow have Americans grappled with the moral and financial issues of veterans¿ health care?
9781421423753LangtextAn indispensable guide to children¿s medications that belongs on the bookshelf of every parent, grandparent, and teacher.
9781421423968LangtextHelping teachers take advantage of game design principles and intrinsic motivators to build more effective courses.
9781421423791LangtextExamining ADHD and its social and medical treatments around the world.
9781421423838LangtextHow did writers and artists view the intersection of architecture and race in the modernist era?
9781421422923LangtextA fateful encounter between three backwoodsmen on the British¿American¿Indian frontier leads to the pursuit of wealth¿and tragedy.
9781421423296LangtextAlmost forgotten until his papers were discovered in a Chicago attic, Richard Greener was a pioneer who broke educational and professional barriers for black citizens. He was also a man caught between worlds.
9781421422800LangtextHow does mental health impact public health?
9781421423852LangtextAddressing major policy issues and athletes¿ well-being in collegiate sports.
9781421424224LangtextThe off-balance and lively characters in Subcortical use braininess and grit in their attempts to navigate beyond the borders of their homes and histories.
9781421423180LangtextLiving in a landscape dominated by mining.
9781421423494LangtextWhy has the Civil War continued to influence American life so profoundly?
9781421424057LangtextFour centuries of Maryland¿s history in one colorful and dramatic volume.
9781421422060LangtextHow politics and race shaped Baltimore¿s distinctive disarray of cultures and subcultures.
9781421423654LangtextHow did youthful struggle give rise to the William James of philosophical legend and popularity?
9781421423357LangtextThe definitive history of life in rural America.
9781421422183LangtextThe riveting story of Baltimore¿s movie theaters over the past century, eloquently told through extraordinary photographs and poignant reminiscences.
9781421423005LangtextHumans have changed the Earth so profoundly that we¿ve ushered in the first new geologic period since the ice ages. So, what are we going to do about it?
9781421423319LangtextWhat if the religious themes and allusions in modernist poetry are not just metaphors?
9781421422909LangtextAn indispensible collection of sources chronicling the relationship between medicine and religion from ancient to modern times.
9781421423272LangtextHow did American fighter pilots respond to the challenges posed by increasing automation?
9781421424330LangtextWhy do the basic technologies of education¿the book and the lecture¿endure in our digital age?
9781421424279LangtextWas Nancy Clem a respectable Indianapolis housewife¿or a cold-blooded double murderess?
9781421423944LangtextA suspenseful and comic journey into the creative process.
9781421423616LangtextAn in-depth analysis of why leaders from the BRICS respond to public health emergencies the way they do.
9781421424132LangtextThe decisions we make in the next five years are critical in determining whether colleges thrive or flounder.
9781421423456LangtextLove and marriage during the Revolutionary War through the letters of Lucy and Henry Knox.
9781421423043LangtextThe story of the scientist in Western culture, from medieval images of alchemists to present-day depictions of cyberpunks and genetic engineers.
9781421423159LangtextA fascinating look at the diverse reproductive strategies of numerous female mammals, from hyenas to goats, kangaroos to whales.
9781421423067LangtextThe essential guide for anyone planning a career in wildlife management and conservation.
9781421422398LangtextThe only book to delve deeply into Maryland¿s rich musical performance history and the people who created it.
9781421423883LangtextExamining the congressional debates on antislavery petitions before the Civil War.
9781421423104LangtextHow has the pervasive spread of free market thinking affected contemporary literature?
9781421423708LangtextPersia¿s relations with Greek city-states provide a fascinating case study in ancient imperialism.
9781421423531LangtextExploring the growing division among academic scientists over a profit motive in research.
9781421424248LangtextHow did cybernetics and information theory arise, and how did they come to dominate fields as diverse as engineering, biology, and the social sciences?
9781421423333LangtextDoes being left-handed make a person different in any way that matters?
9781421423234LangtextTracing the nightmarish effects of the ¿wonder drug¿ Lomidine in preventing sleeping sickness in Africa.
9781421423722LangtextHow state welfare politics¿not just concerns with ¿race improvement¿¿led to eugenic sterilization practices.
9781421423814LangtextHow did the concept of spontaneous generation survive for so long?
9781421423630LangtextHow has prenatal testing, once offered only for high-risk pregnancies, become standard medical care for pregnant women today?
9781421424309LangtextThe true story of the Baltimore Elite Giants.
9781421424019LangtextWith academic dishonesty on the rise, this book explains why students cheat, how to foster integrity, and why it matters.
9781421423555LangtextA comprehensive history of the development of artificial hearts in the United States.
9781421424033LangtextThe chronic underinvestment in higher education has serious ramifications for both individuals and society.
9781421423432LangtextA comprehensive guide to the medical complications, diagnosis, and treatment of eating disorders.
9781421423425LangtextA comprehensive guide to the medical complications, diagnosis, and treatment of eating disorders.
9781421424316LangtextAt the intersection of new scholarship on higher education with on-the-ground insight into managing institutions.
9781421424293LangtextField-to-table cuisine! Connect with (and eat) the diverse flora around us.
9781421423210LangtextThe unknown history of American public education.
9781421423517LangtextA comprehensive guide to easing the discomfort of your child¿s inflammatory bowel disease.
9781421424255LangtextFamous Baltimoreans growing up in the fifties.
9781421423906LangtextEverything you need to know about nosebleeds, arteriovenous malformations, and other symptoms of HHT.
9781421423777LangtextWhat if successful strategies are sometimes formed through an emergent process of learning and adaptation?
9781421423920LangtextA ground-breaking study of nineteenth-century British colonial poetry.
9781421424040LangtextAn in-depth look into the life and work of the man who defined ¿cool¿ for crime fiction, Elmore Leonard.
9781421422985LangtextHow historically rooted power dynamics have shaped the evolution of civil society globally.
9781421423982LangtextHow did warrior nobles¿ practices of violence shape provincial society and the royal state in early seventeenth-century France?
9781421424026LangtextA powerful indictment of the IRB regime.
9781421423081LangtextA data-rich study of the difficult partnerships between the colleges, universities, and businesses of Silicon Valley.
9781421423128LangtextHow mirrors shaped human identity in North America from the earliest European explorations.
9781421423371LangtextThe essential guide for anyone who suffers from food allergies.
9781421423401LangtextThe definitive guide to all lagomorphs¿pikas, rabbits, and hares.
9781421424002LangtextHow did geology and politics inform scientific ideas and contribute to New York's prominence in the early nineteenth century?
9781421423685LangtextMyth-busting insights that will empower family members to cope with the challenges and blessings of caregiving while aging successfully themselves.
9781421422961LangtextThe definitive guide to breast reconstruction.
9781421423579LangtextHow did modernist poetry respond¿both thematically and technically¿to communism?
9781421423029LangtextExploring the changing narrative of the Battle of New Orleans through two centuries of commemoration.
9781421424200LangtextThe daily challenges of living¿and coping¿with a chronic and progressive invisible illness.
9781421424118LangtextThinking about American higher education as an economic market changes everything.
9781421423258Kurztext"Marine mammals have long captured the attention of humans. Ancient peoples etched seals and dolphins on the walls of Paleolithic caves; today, engineers develop microprocessors to track these denizens of the deep. This groundbreaking book from highly respected marine mammal paleontologist Annalisa Berta delves into the story of the extraordinary adaptations that gave the world these amazing animals. The Rise of Marine Mammals reveals remarkable fossil record discoveries that shed light on the origins, relationships, and diversification of marine mammals.
Focusing on evolution and paleobiology, Berta provides an overview of marine mammal species diversity, enhanced with gorgeous life restorations by Carl Buell, Robert Boessenecker, William Stout, and Ray Troll and extensive line drawings by graphics editor James L. Sumich. The book also considers ongoing conservation challenges, demonstrating how the fossil record of adaptation in response to past environmental shifts may illuminate the way that marine mammals respond to global climate change. This invaluable biological framework is essential for helping us understand how best to protect and conserve today¿s polar bears, whales, dolphins, seals, and fellow warm-blooded ocean dwellers.
The Rise of Marine Mammals also describes exciting breakthroughs that rely on new techniques of study, including 3-D imaging, and molecular, finite element, and morphometric analyses, which have enhanced scientists¿ understanding of everything from the anatomy of fetal whales to the genes behind limb loss in cetaceans. Mammalogists, paleontologists, and marine scientists will find Berta¿s insights absorbing, while developmental and molecular biologists, geneticists, and ecologists exploring integrative research approaches will benefit from her fresh perspective."
9781421422947Kurztext"Agile, sleek, and precise, sharks display many qualities we can admire and appreciate. These marvels of evolution have adapted to thrive in every major aquatic realm on the planet, from frigid Arctic waters through temperate but stormy seas and on into the tropics. However, few places on Earth are home to the amazing diversity of shark species that beautify the shallow waters of Florida and the Bahamas. In this first-ever book dedicated to the sharks of this region, biologist Jeffrey C. Carrier reveals the captivating lives of these large marine predators and describes how they have survived for over 400 million years.
Guiding readers through basic biology, key attributes, and identification tips, the book explores what makes sharks such successful apex predators. Carrier explains fascinating phenomena, including the reason for the bizarre shape of the hammerhead, how a bull shark is able to swim hundreds of miles up freshwater rivers, what lies behind sharks¿ remarkable capability to learn and remember, and why many scientists believe that they are equipped with the most sophisticated sensory systems in the animal kingdom.
With the stunning full-color underwater photography of Andy Murch, Jillian Morris, and Duncan Brake, Sharks of the Shallows brings boaters, fishers, divers, and shark lovers directly alongside these unfairly maligned creatures. And not a moment too soon! Sharks are experiencing stresses unlike any in their long history, and are struggling to survive in a changing ocean. They will continue to grace our coastlines only if we care enough to understand them."
9781421424286Kurztext"If extraterrestrials exist, where are they? How likely is it that somewhere in the universe an Earth-like planet supports an advanced culture? Why do so many people claim to have encountered Aliens? In this gripping exploration, scientist Don Lincoln exposes and explains the truths about the belief in and the search for life on other planets.
In the first half of Alien Universe, Lincoln looks to Western civilization's collective image of Aliens, showing how our perceptions of extraterrestrials have evolved over time. The roots of this belief can be traced as far back as our earliest recognition of other planets in the universe¿the idea of them supporting life was a natural progression of thinking that has fascinated us ever since. Our captivation with Aliens has, however, led to mixed results. The world was fooled in the nineteenth century during the Great Moon Hoax of 1835, and many people misunderstood Orson Welles's 1938 radio broadcast, The War of the Worlds, leading to significant anxiety among some listeners. Our continuing interest in Aliens is reflected in entertainment successes such as E.T., The X-Files, and Star Trek.
The second half of the book explores the scientific possibility of whether advanced Alien civilizations do exist. For many years, researchers have sought to answer Enrico Fermi¿s great paradox¿if there are so many planets in the universe and there is a high probability that many of those can support life, then why have we not actually encountered any Aliens? Lincoln describes how modern science teaches us what is possible and what is not in our search for extraterrestrial civilizations.
Whether you are drawn to the psychological belief in Aliens, the history of our interest in life on other planets, or the scientific possibility of Alien existence, Alien Universe is sure to hold you spellbound."
9781421423470Kurztext"In December 1937, four respectable young men in their twenties, all products of elite English public schools, conspired to lure to the luxurious Hyde Park Hotel a representative of Cartier, the renowned jewelry firm. There, the ¿Mayfair men¿ brutally bludgeoned diamond salesman Etienne Bellenger and made off with eight rings that today would be worth approximately half a million pounds. Such well-connected young people were not supposed to appear in the prisoner¿s dock at the Old Bailey. Not surprisingly, the popular newspapers had a field day responding to the public¿s insatiable appetite for news about the upper-crust rowdies and their unsavory pasts.
In Playboys and Mayfair Men, Angus McLaren recounts the violent robbery and sensational trial that followed. He uses the case as a hook to draw the reader into a revelatory exploration of key interwar social issues from masculinity and cultural decadence to broader anxieties about moral decay. In his gripping depiction of Mayfair¿s celebrity high life, McLaren describes the crime in detail, as well as the police investigation, the suspects, their trial, and the aftermath of their convictions. He also
examines the origins and cultural meanings of the playboy¿the male 1930s equivalent of the 1920s flapper;
includes in his cast of characters such well-known figures as Noël Coward, Evelyn Waugh, the Churchills, Robert Graves, Oswald Mosley, and Edward VIII; and
convincingly links disparate issues such as divorce reform, corporal punishment, effeminacy, and fascism.
The trial is fascinating, not simply because of its four young louts but because it revealed for the first time in the media troubling aspects of British society which had escaped serious scrutiny. An original and exciting cultural history of 1930s Britain, this innovative book and the exploits of its dissolute playboys will appeal to true-crime readers and historians alike."
9781421423388Kurztext"Posing the urgent questions that anyone with food allergies will think to ask¿and then some¿Food Allergies provides practical, sensitive, and scientific guidance on the topics that affect your life. Allergy expert Scott H. Sicherer addresses the full spectrum of food allergies, from mild to life threatening and from single foods to food families, clearing up misconceptions along the way. He explores how exposure to foods can bring about an allergic response, describes the symptoms of food allergy, and illuminates how food allergies develop.
Organized in an accessible Q&A format and illustrated with case studies, the book thoroughly explains how to prevent exposure to a known allergen at home, at school, in restaurants, and elsewhere. Dr. Sicherer also gives valuable advice about what to do if exposure occurs, including how to handle an anaphylactic emergency. Finally, he describes tests for diagnosing food allergies and chronic health problems caused by food allergies, such as eczema, hives, and respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms.
In this thoroughly updated new edition, Dr. Sicherer
describes new approaches to prevent food allergies
presents cutting-edge theories on risk factors for developing food allergies
describes innovative allergy tests to improve diagnosis
explains how to administer emergency medications for severe reactions
focuses on new allergens of concern, such as pink peppercorns
analyzes studies suggesting that resolution of an allergy might be predictable
talks about the role of ¿healthy diet¿
lists additional resources, including allergy-related apps
provides revised school food allergy guidelines
offers insights into food allergy bullying¿and advice to reduce it
Dr. Sicherer also reviews food reactions that are not allergic (such as lactose intolerance and celiac disease), advises how to get adequate nutrition when you must avoid dietary staples, and discusses whether allergies ever go away (they do¿and sometimes they return)."
9781421423999Kurztext"Quilts have become a cherished symbol of Amish craftsmanship and the beauty of the simple life. Country stores in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and other tourist regions display row after row of handcrafted quilts. In luxury homes, office buildings, and museums, the quilts have been preserved and displayed as priceless artifacts. They are even pictured on collectible stamps. Amish Quilts explores how these objects evolved from practical bed linens into contemporary art.
In this in-depth study, illustrated with more than 100 stunning color photographs, Janneken Smucker discusses what makes an Amish quilt Amish. She examines the value of quilts to those who have made, bought, sold, exhibited, and preserved them and how that value changes as a quilt travels from Amish hands to marketplace to consumers. A fifth-generation Mennonite quiltmaker herself, Smucker traces the history of Amish quilts from their use in the late nineteenth century to their sale in the lucrative business practices of today. Through her own observations as well as oral histories, newspaper accounts, ephemera, and other archival sources, she seeks to understand how the term ¿Amish¿ became a style and what it means to both quiltmakers and consumers. She also looks at how quilts influence fashion and raises issues of authenticity of quilts in the marketplace.
Whether considered as art, craft, or commodity, Amish quilts reflect the intersections of consumerism and connoisseurship, religion and commerce, nostalgia and aesthetics. By thoroughly examining all of these aspects, Amish Quilts is an essential resource for anyone interested in the history of these beautiful works."
9781421422879Kurztext"During and after World War I, policy makers, public health advocates, and veterans laid the groundwork for the extension of government-sponsored medical care to millions of former service members. In the process, they built a pillar of American social policy. In Burdens of War, Jessica L. Adler explores how the establishment of the veterans¿ health system marked a reimagining of modern veterans¿ benefits and signaled a pathbreaking validation of the power of professionalized institutional medical care.
Adler reveals that a veterans¿ health system came about incrementally, amid skepticism from legislators, doctors, and army officials concerned about the burden of long-term obligations, monetary or otherwise, to ex-service members. She shows how veterans¿ welfare shifted from centering on pension and domicile care programs rooted in the nineteenth century to direct access to health services. She also traces the way that fluctuating ideals about hospitals and medical care influenced policy at the dusk of the Progressive Era; how race, class, and gender affected the health-related experiences of soldiers, veterans, and caregivers; and how interest groups capitalized on a tense political and social climate to bring about change.
The book moves from the 1920s¿when veterans requested better and more services, Congress continued to approve new facilities and increased funding, and elected officials expressed misgivings about who should have access to care¿to the 1930s, when the economic crash prompted veterans to increasingly turn to hospitals for support while bureaucrats, politicians, and doctors attempted to rein in the system. By the eve of World War II, the roots of what would become the country¿s largest integrated health care system were firmly planted and primed for growth. Drawing readers into a critical debate about the level of responsibility America bears for wounded service members, Burdens of War is a unique and moving case study."
9781421423753Kurztext"Most parents have worried about the side effects and possible long-term consequences of administering a particular medication to their child. The medication may be available over-the-counter, like cough syrup, or it may be prescribed by a doctor, like an antibiotic. Parents want to know: Is the medication safe? Is it effective? Will it help my child?
A pediatric pharmacist for nearly thirty years, Edward A. Bell has spent his career listening carefully to parents¿ concerns. In Children¿s Medicines, Bell draws on the latest scientific information, coupled with his experience in hospital and clinic settings, as a university professor, and as a parent, to answer questions about whether, when, and what medications to give to infants, children, and teenagers. Bell touches on practical issues of medication administration and explores areas of particular concern for parents.
Inside the book, readers will find
information to help parents weigh the benefits and risks of medicines
an explanation of why some adult medications are not safe for children
descriptions of medicine for treating fever and common illnesses
practical tips on measuring, flavoring, and administering medicines
directions for giving medicine in the mouth, the nose, the ear, and the eye
advice for keeping children of any age safe around medications
facts about vaccinations: how they work, which ones are recommended, and their safety
a guide to the FDA¿s approval process for use of medicines by children
information about drug pricing, expiration dates, and storing medicine at home
a chapter on ADHD and the treatment of adolescent depression that takes into account the long-term side effects of antidepressants
details about the use of herbal and complementary therapies, including probiotics and vitamins
a discussion of over-the-counter cough/cold products
information on which websites to use for accurate medical and drug information
Full of information helpful to parents, grandparents, and others who provide care for children, Children¿s Medicines is a reliable and insightful guide to how drugs for children of all ages are prescribed and used."
9781421423968Kurztext"The changing student body in American higher education demands a new approach to teaching, one that moves toward inclusive, hyperpersonalized learning environments that have much in common with games and social media. Kevin Bell¿s Game On! presents dynamic case studies of gamer educators and game-derived techniques to help instructors creatively formulate their own teaching strategies.
Breaking gamefully designed classes into their component parts, Bell analyzes what these classes are actually doing and explains why they work. He offers faculty a rubric to assess their own courses for their propensity to engage students, particularly those from low socioeconomic and high-risk populations. Bell explores how game design, pedagogy, and intrinsic motivators can level the playing field to produce rigorous learning environments that are as addictive to all participants as the latest apps and social media systems. He also discusses best practices, lays out the broader context of computer-mediated teaching and learning, and considers the challenges and opportunities that gamification presents.
Instructors would do well to consider the key tenets of successful games if they are to engage and graduate the coming generations of learners. Bell¿s careful analysis of the theories behind gamification, cognitive science, and instructional design will help them to do just that."
9781421423791Kurztext"Attention deficit?hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been a common psychiatric diagnosis in both children and adults since the 1980s and 1990s in the United States. But the diagnosis was much less common¿even unknown¿in other parts of the world. By the end of the twentieth century, this was no longer the case, and ADHD diagnosis and treatment became an increasingly widespread global phenomenon. As the diagnosis was adopted around the world, the definition and treatment of ADHD often changed in the context of different psychiatric professions, medical systems, and cultures.
Global Perspectives on ADHD is the first book to examine how this expanding public health concern is diagnosed and treated in 16 different countries. In some countries, readers learn, over 10% of school-aged children and adolescents are diagnosed with ADHD; in others, that figure is less than 1%. Some countries focus on medicating children with ADHD; others emphasize parent intervention or child therapy. Showing how a medical diagnosis varies across contexts and time periods, this book explains how those distinctions shape medical interventions and guidelines, filling a much-needed gap by examining ADHD on an international scale.
Contributors: Madeleine Akrich, Mari J. Armstrong-Hough, Meredith R. Bergey, Eugenia Bianchi, Christian Bröer, Peter Conrad, Claire Edwards, Silvia A. Faraone, Angela M. Filipe, Alessandra Frigerio, Valéria Portugal Gonçalves, Linda J. Graham, Hiroyuki Ito, Fabian Karsch, Victor Kraak, Claudia Malacrida, Lorenzo Montali, Yasuo Murayama, Sebastián Rojas Navarro, Órla O¿Donovan, Francisco Ortega, Mónica Peña Ochoa, Brenton J. Prosser, Vololona Rabeharisoa, Patricio Rojas, Tiffani Semach, Ilina Singh, Rachel Spronk, Junko Teruyama, Masatsugu Tsujii, Fan-Tzu Tseng, Manuel Vallée, Rafaela Zorzanelli"
9781421423838Kurztext"With the development of the first skyscrapers in the 1880s, urban built environments could expand vertically as well as horizontally. Cities were now able to house and manage the large populations of newly freed blacks and immigrants flocking to their centers following Reconstruction. Beginning with Chicago¿s early 10-story towers and concluding with the 1931 erection of the 110-story Empire State Building, Adrienne Brown¿s The Black Skyscraper provides a detailed account of how scale and proximity shape our understanding of race.
Over the next half-century, as city skylines grew, American writers imagined the new urban back


Berta, Annalisa

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68 Illustrations, color; 27 Illustrations, color; 79 Line drawings, black and white

Annalisa Berta is emerita professor of biology at San Diego State University. She is the author of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises: A Natural History and Species Guide. James L. Sumich is emeritus professor of biology at Grossmont College. He is the coauthor of Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life. Together, he and Berta are coauthors of Marine Mammals: Evolutionary Biology.
Sumich, James L.
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