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Frontmatter -- Introduction / DAHLBERG, ALBERT Α. / GRABER, THOMAS M. -- SECTION ONE: Growth -- The Role of the Craniofacial Cartilages in the Postnatal Growth of the Craniofacial Skeleton / KOSKI, KALEVI -- The Development of a Cephalometric Atlas of Craniofacial Morphology / WALKER, GEOFFREY F. -- SECTION TWO: Development -- Early Maxillary Orthopedics and Osteoplasty in Cleft Lip and Palate and Their Effects on Facial Growth / ROSENSTEIN, SHELDON W. / JACOBSON, BAILEY N. -- Variations in the Microstructures of Primate Teeth / MOLNAR, STEPHEN -- The Effect of Heavy Orthopedic Forces on the Sutures of the Facial Bones / DROSCHL, HELMUT / GRABER, THOMAS M. -- The Biology of the Human Chin / BIGGERSTAFF, ROBERT H. -- SECTION THREE: Genetics -- Dental Genetics / LUNDSTRÖM, Α. -- The 47,XYY-Male, Y-Chromosome and Tooth Size: A Preliminary Communication / ALVESALO, LASSI / OSBORNE, RICHARD H. / KARI, MARKKU -- Crown-Size Reduction in Congenital Defects / COHEN, M. MICHAEL / BAUM, BRUCE J. / GARN, STANLEY M. / OSORIO, CARLOS H. / NAGY, HERROLD M. -- SECTION FOUR: Dental Anthropology and Population Studies -- The Adaptive Significance of Eskimo Craniofacial Morphology / HYLANDER, WILLIAM L. -- Variations in Dental Traits Within Populations / SMITH, PATRICIA -- The Dental Condition of Chinese Living in Liverpool / GOOSE, DENYS H. -- Dentition of the Ainu and the Australian Aborigines / HANIHARA, KAZURO -- A Comparative Study of the Dental, Cranial, Facial Phenotypes of Subjects Having Congenital Defects of the Superior Lateral Incisors / LE BOT, PIERRE -- Cultural and Environmental Influences on the Eskimo Dentition / MAYHALL, JOHN T. -- Dentition of Easter Islanders / TURNER, C. G. / SCOTT, G. R. -- Uncommon Dental Traits in Population Studies / KIRVESKARI, PENTTI -- Craniofacial Description of Wainwright Alaskan Eskimos / CEDERQUIST, ROBERT / DAHLBERG, ALBERT A. -- Odontoglyphics: The Laws of Variation of the Human Molar Crown Microrelief / ZOUBOV, A. A. -- An Anthropological Approach to the Study of Dental Pathology / KORITZER, RICHARD T. -- Morphological Changes in Human Teeth and Jaws in a High-Attrition Environment / HYLANDER, WILLIAM L. -- Plates -- Appendix: Abstracts -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Herausgeber Albert A. Dahlberg

Herausgeber Thomas M. Graber



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Orofacial Growth and Development

Albert A. Dahlberg

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