City Diplomacy - Current Trends and Future Prospects

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Springer International Publishing City Diplomacy - Current Trends and Future Prospects
Springer International Publishing - City Diplomacy - Current Trends and Future Prospects

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This edited volume provides an inclusive explanation of what, why, and how cities interact with global counterparts as well as with nation states, non-governmental organizations, and foreign publics. The chapters present theoretical and analytical approaches to the study of city diplomacy as well as case studies to capture the nuances of the practice. By bringing together a diverse group of authors in terms of their geographic location, academic and practitioner backgrounds, the volume speaks to multiple disciplines, including diplomacy, political science, communication, sociology, marketing and tourism.


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XXVII, 362 p. 24 illus.
1.       Chapter 1 IntroductionSection 1: Global Governance through City Networks2.       Chapter 2 Beyond Networking? The Agency of City Network Secretariats in the Realm of City Diplomacy3.       Chapter 3 Cacophony or Complementarity? The Expanding Ecosystem of City Networks under Scrutiny4.       Chapter 4 Marine protection in the polycentric governance system: The PEMSEA Network of Local Governments (PNLG)Section 2: Local Strategies for Global Engagement and Communication 5.       Chapter 5 A Framework of City Diplomacy on Positive Outcomes and Negative Emotional Engagement: How to Enhance the International Role of Cities and City/Mayor Branding on Twitter?6.       Chapter 6 Museums as Actors of City Diplomacy: From “Hard” Assets to “Soft” Power7.       Chapter 7 Un-nation branding: The cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israeli soft power8.       Chapter 8 Do cities leverage summits to enhance their image online? Examining the Twittersphere of the Inaugural U20 Mayoral Summit, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSection 3: City Diplomacy across Governance Levels 9.       Chapter 9 How are cities inserting themselves in the international system?10.   Chapter 10 Strategies for Enhancing EU City Diplomacy11.  Chapter 11 Making US MOIA Sustainable Institutions for Conducting City Diplomacy by Protecting their Precarious ValuesSection 4: Case Studies12.   Chapter 12 The branding of Singapore as city of international peace dialogue13.   Chapter 13  Paradiplomacy and city branding: The case of Medellín, Colombia (2004-2019)14.   Chapter 14 City diplomacy in young democracies: The case of the Baltics 15.   Chapter 15 Turku (Finland) as a case study in the city diplomacy of small urban centers, 1971-2011
Amiri, Sohaela;Amiri
Sevin, Efe;Sevin
Presents theoretical and analytical approaches to city diplomacy

Explains how and why cities interact with their global counterparts as well as nation states, non-governmental organizations, and foreign publics, and what allows them to do so

Explores diplomacy through case studies, diverse, global perspectives, and interdisciplinary practices

Springer International Publishing
Efe Sevin is an Assistant Professor in the Mass Communication Department of Towson University, Maryland, USA. 
Sohaela Amiri is Pardee RAND Graduate School (PRGS) Fellow at the RAND Corporation, USA. 
1st ed. 2020


12. Juli 2021
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