Electrophysiological Recording Techniques

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Humana Press Electrophysiological Recording Techniques
Humana Press - Electrophysiological Recording Techniques

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Applying neurophysiological methods to the study of brain-behavior relationships proved to be a major advance in the early days of neuroscience research. Considerable technological progress has been made very recently, and the impact on modern neuroscience will be invaluable. In Electrophysiological Recording Techniques, experts in the field present a current view of the widespread application of electrophysiological methods to the study of the brain and to the problem of brain-behavior relationships. The book has been organized to display the range of modern neurophysiological methods ranging from the recordings of single neurons and neuronal ensembles to recordings of field potentials within discrete brain regions and across multiple brain areas. Many of the chapters also address the major challenge of applying the appropriate methods to analyze and interpret neurophysiological recording data. As a volume in the popular Neuromethods series, the chapters provide authoritative reviews of many commonly used approaches in the field today in both the basic research level and in clinical settings.
Practical and up-to-date, Electrophysiological Recording Techniques serves as a key reference volume for researchers working in this ever-changing and vital field.

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XIV, 284 p.
1. Field Potential Generation and Current Source Density Analysis
L. Stan Leung

2. Current Source Density Analysis of Ongoing Neural Activity: Theory and Application
Yonghong Chen, Mukesh Dhamala, Anil Bollimunta, Charles E. Schroeder, and Mingzhou Ding

3. The Juxtacellular Recording-Labeling Technique
Didier Pinault

4. Neural Recording Using Digital Telemetry
André A. Fenton, Kathryn J. Jeffery, and James G. Donnett

5. Large-Scale Neural Ensembles in Mice: Methods for Recording and Data Analysis
Hui Kuang and Joe Z. Tsien

6. Behavioral Correlates of Neuronal Activity Recorded as Single-Units: Promises and Pitfalls as Illustrated by the Rodent Head Direction Cell Signal
Robert W. Stackman, Jr.

7. Event-Related Potentials of the Cerebral Cortex
Steven L. Bressler

8. Multisite Spike-Field Coherence, Theta Rhythmicity, and Information Flow Within Papez’s Circuit
Zimbul Albo, Gonzalo Viana Di Prisco, and Robert P. Vertes

9. Cognitively Relevant Recoding in Hippocampus: Beneficial Feedback of Ensemble Codes in a Closed Loop Paradigm
Robert E. Hampson, John D. Simeral, Theodore Berger, Dong Song, Rosa H.M. Chan, and Sam A. Deadwyler

10. An Intact Septo-Hippocampal Preparation for Investigating the Mechanisms of Hippocampal Oscillation
Romain Goutagny, Jesse Jackson, and Sylvain Williams

11. Targeted Modulation of Neural Circuits: A New Treatment Strategy for Neuropsychiatric Disease
Helen S. Mayberg and Paul E. Holtzheimer
Vertes, Robert P.;Vertes
Stackman, Jr., Robert W.;Stackman, Jr.
Examines the current state of the ever-improving development of neurophysiological technologies

Presents detailed, cutting-edge techniques in a practical, lab-ready fashion

Aims to aid researchers seeking to further improve the methods in the field

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Humana Press

From the reviews:

"This book is highly recommended to trainees and neuroscientists, who are actively looking for the state-of-the-art recording techniques, to observe and study oscillating biological substrates that are linked to brain function and behavior. ... The readers will be appreciative to the editors ... and all authors, for the sufficient theoretical background, methodological descriptions and clear illustrations and discussions, in every single chapter." (Miguel A. Cortez, Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences, Vol. 40 (2), March, 2013)
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2011
This is a comprehensive collection of the electrophysiological recording techniques, methods, and protocols used in studying the measurements of the electrical activity of neurons (particularly their action potential activity) in both animal and humans models.


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