Adventures of Koshiro

von Hayeri Khyavi, Masoud
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Hayeri Khyavi, Masoud Adventures of Koshiro
Hayeri Khyavi, Masoud - Adventures of Koshiro

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The passion for martial arts has been in my heart since childhood so that watching each martial arts movie had a lot of effect on me and I used to mimic their movements; Of course I had the chance to have two older brothers who tried to do fighting game against me, the little Masoud, and with every blow to them, they threw themselves around, and this "fantastic Bruce Lee" was very happy in his dream. The same dramatic struggles, which was almost based on Kata/form, along with the wrestling with the older has caused a question on martial arts in my mind that which one is more powerful and superior? A Karate athlete or Kung Fu athlete? A wrestler or judo athlete? And of course, my decided was to enter a martial arts field where I can learn any form of struggle. I was watching martial arts movies or going to a club close to home and seeing various martial arts for a long time, until finally, I entered the marvelous world of martial arts with "Kuk Sool Won" system in September, 1988, and I am still getting experience in this field.


Hayeri Khyavi, Masoud

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Hayeri Khyavi, Masoud
Masoud Hayeri Khyavi is 46 years old and began martial arts practice with Kuk SoolWon in Iran when he was 15 years old underthe supervision of Farshid Shabafroozan.His main encourager and supporter was hisbrother "Mehrdad", 1st Dan in Goju-Ryu.He is the author of three books and approximately 60 articles about martial artsin Iran


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