Minecraft: The Dragon

von Drayden, Nicky
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Drayden, Nicky Minecraft: The Dragon
Drayden, Nicky - Minecraft: The Dragon

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Take flight with the ender dragon in this official Minecraft novel! When a desert town is threatened by illager raids, a young adventurer turns to a newborn dragon to save her home. Zetta is the best potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes. Okay, maybe she's the only potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes. And maybe her potions don't exactly work like they're supposed to all the time. But when her village is menaced by a pack of illagers, only Zetta can see that the traditional ways won't keep Sienna Dunes safe anymore. Zetta journeys to her eccentric aunt's workshop outside town to search for an answer and finds a lot more than she bargained for. A mysterious egg hatches into a scaly creature with purple eyes, black wings, and poisonous breath. It can't possibly be the mythical ender dragon . . . can it? And if it is, can Zetta raise it to be the savior her village needs? The threat of the illagers is growing fast, and Zetta's accidental dragon is growing even faster. With the help of her two best friends and her daydreaming little cousin, Zetta must train the scariest (and scaliest) baby in the Overworld. But when the dragon is fully grown, will it save Sienna Dunes? Or will it spell the village's end?


Drayden, Nicky

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Chapter One
Zetta hid behind a cactus at the edge of the town square, waiting for the last few townspeople to finish up work and return home for supper. The shadows in the desert town of Sienna Dunes were growing long as the sun dipped low in the sky. The sand beneath Zetta's feet started to cool, and the breeze suddenly became crisp as the heat of the day drained away.
Zetta bundled up the collar of her blue tunic with one hand and kept her other hand firmly against her leather pack, which held her entire inventory of glass bottles, nether wart, and her prized brewing stand. She was the greatest potioner Sienna Dunes had. Well, she was the only potioner Sienna Dunes had. One day, however, she would be great, but first she needed to practice, and to practice she needed to fill these water bottles without getting caught.
In the middle of the town square stood a sandstone tower with small windows cut all the way to the top, and at the highest point hung a big brass bell to rally the townspeople in case of an emergency. In the bell tower's shadow sat the town's only well. Water was scarce and highly valued in the desert, and taking more than your fair share was frowned upon. If people saw Zetta filling her bottles up too often, they'd get suspicious and start poking around in her business. She couldn't let anyone find out she was experimenting with potions. Not yet. Especially not her father.
Zetta watched carefully as all the shop owners in the square began to pack away their outdoor displays. The grocer put away her fruit stand, carefully storing away the melons and berries and exotic apples for the next day. The owner of the slime shop bundled up his slime balls and shoved his display of slime cubes into a chest.
And on the north side of the square, right near the town hall, the bookshop vendor sighed as he flipped through the last few pages of a book, then placed it back onto a lonely bookcase. Apparently, he used to run a whole library, until the people of Sienna Dunes lost their curiosity about the world and got stuck in their ways. Now the old library was a cactus nursery. Like Sienna Dunes needed any more of those.
Finally, the square was nearly clear. Zetta ran over to the well and stood next to it, trying not to seem suspicious and failing badly. Her hands were shaky, and her eyes were darting all over the place. Carefully, she slipped her hand into her pack, pulled out a glass bottle, and uncorked it. Just as she was leaning over to fill the bottle, Zetta heard footsteps clomping in the sand, getting closer. She straightened up and shoved the bottle back into her pack, then looked to see Mayor Maxine walking right toward her.
"Another beautiful evening in Sienna Dunes," Mayor Maxine announced to no one in particular. She stood tall and dignified, and she smelled of the kind of delicate flowers that would instantly wilt under the desert's harsh sun.
"Very beautiful," Zetta quickly agreed. "I'm just sitting here, enjoying the breeze." And definitely not trying to steal, er, borrow, um . . . take a little water to make potions in a town that doesn't think too highly of potioners.
"And the wall is coming along nicely, if I do say so myself. I appreciate your work in the terracotta mines. It's people like you who keep this town safe." Mayor Maxine looked down at Zetta in the kind of way that said, Why yes, I am the mayor. Thank you for noticing.
Zetta became instantly aware of the orange terracotta dust that covered her brown skin. She felt the grit upon her eyelashes. In her coily black hair. In her socks. She inhaled so much of it during her mining shifts that she wouldn't be surprised if she one day sneezed out an entire terracotta brick.
"The wall is impressive, all right," Zetta said through clenched teeth. In truth, she thought the new wall being constructed around the town was an eyesore. But mining terr
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Nicky Drayden resides in Austin, Texas, where being weird is highly encouraged, if not required. Her other work includes Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani a novel about the misadventures of a kid genius and her pet robot as well as a collection of stories for Magic: The Gathering that dives deep into the mega-city of Ravnica.
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