Beginning Xcode

von Matthew Knott
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Matthew Knott Beginning Xcode
Matthew Knott - Beginning Xcode
Matthew Knott - Beginning Xcode

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Xcode is Apple's Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Interface Builder, and other tools for helping app developers and coders to build iPhone and iPad apps more efficiently and quickly. Beginning Xcode aims to get you up and running with Apple's latest Xcode 5 and includes a wide variety of exciting projects to build. So, if you have some programming experience with iOS SDK and Objective-C, but want a more in depth tutorial on Xcode, then Beginning Xcode is for you. The book focuses on the new technologies, tools and features that Apple has bundled into the new Xcode 5, to complement the latest iOS 7 SDK. You'll learn:• How to build iOS apps using the latest Xcode • How to get started with Xcode, using Workspaces, Interface Builder, storyboarding, tables/collection views and more • How to dive deeper into Xcode using advanced searches, filtering, advanced editing, debugging, and source control • How to take advantage of Xcode's vast libraries, frameworks and bundles • How to create exciting interactive apps for iPhone or iPad using Sprite Kit, Map Kit, and other Apple technologies • How to share your app using organizer, localization, auto layout, and more By the end of this book, you'll have all of the skills and a variety of examples to draw from to get your very first app out the door using Xcode. Maybe, you'll even sell it on Apple iTunes App Store.


Matthew Knott
Daniel Bramhall

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Matthew Knott has been writing code for as long as he can remember; from marveling at moving pixels on a BBC Micro to writing ridiculous text adventures for his Mother on an overheating ZX Spectrum 48k. Matthew has been a professional software developer for the last 12 years, the last 6 of which have been spent in the education sector where he has now entered the sometimes-scary world of management, although when they see the mess he made of the budget that won’t last long. Matthew’s work and hobby is basically the same thing, but when he’s not working, he is loving life in a beautiful part of Wales with his Wife Lisa, and two kids Mikey and Charlotte.


7. März 2014
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